Sunday, July 19, 2009

Getting Healthy is 90% Mental

As I continue to go through my own personal health and fitness journey, I've come to understand that continuing on this journey is 90% mental. I can't speak for those who have always made fitness a part of their lives, but as someone who spent years overweight and unhealthy, I think it comes down to preparing yourself mentally.

The tools are there. I'm a huge fan of Beachbody and its products. Why? Because their programs work. They work because they're good, they offer unbelievable support, and they even work with you on your health and nutrition. So what makes some people more successful than others in achieving their goals? Mental fitness.

Here's what I did. I jumped feet first into Beachbody, and I began to soak up everything they offered. I made a commitment to exercising and eating healthy for six weeks. If I didn't see results after six weeks, I would give it another look and determine what my next step would be. But guess what happened? I saw results. GREAT results!

So, I want you to make a commitment to yourself. Log onto my website at and select one of the many workouts programs available. I'll even help you select the best one for you if you're overwhelmed. Then, I want you join the Team Beachbody Club and take advantage of the nutrition tools, fitness tools, and trainer tips. Finally, commit to the program for 90 days. I promise you WILL see results.

Join me on The Purposeful Journey and leave the overweight and unhealthy crowd in the dust once and for all.

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