Friday, July 3, 2009

Fitness for Everybody

Many of us struggle with our weight and the seemingly impossible task of getting fit and healthy. There are many workouts out there but none are better than the workouts at Beachbody. I have used many of them, and I've even developed my own hybrid workout that I enjoy.

Tony Horton, the creator of P90X (the #1 fitness program in the country, thank you very much), has developed a new series of workouts called One on One. Beginning in July, new subscribers to this monthly series can get "Cardio Intervals" for $.01. That's right. One penny! Along with the Cardio Intervals DVD you will get a DVD called Pay it Forward. In this workout, Tony takes a man who weighs 400 pounds through a workout proving that, with some determination and some modifications, anyone can get a good workout.

If a man weighing 400 pounds can commit to start living a fit and healthy lifestyle, so can you. I would be honored to help YOU become the fit and healthy person I know you can be. Go to my website at and click on "products" to reserve your copy of the latest Tony Horton's One on One "Cardio Intervals" workout. You'll get a great workout, a bonus CD AND me as your Coach all for one penny! What a deal, right?

Your friend in health,


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